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Hungary by Atlatszo – The Weekly Winner: These projects got EU funds this week

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The Weekly Winner: These projects got EU funding in Hungary this week

Based on our constantly updated database that shows how the Hungarian government is spending European Union funds, we are starting The Weekly Winner. From today we will summarize who got the most EU funds every week.

Atlatszo launches project supporting press freedom in rural Hungary

Supported by Open Society Initiative for Europe’s grant we are going to give a publishing platform and financial help to colleagues across the country so that they can continue their work as independent watchdogs.

We also read this:

Politico: Fine threatens Jobbik’s Hungarian election campaign

Jobbik is currently seen as the ruling Fidesz party’s most serious opposition. The party has made an effort to shed its far-right, xenophobic reputation and appeal to more moderate voters ahead of the spring election.

BBC: Hungarian MEP charged with spying on EU for Russia

Hungarian prosecutors have charged one of the country’s members of the European Parliament with spying for Russia. A Fidesz party spokesman said the charges were a “serious European-level affair.”

AzerNews: Azerbaijan, Hungary sign agreements on education, transportation

Azerbaijan and Hungary have signed agreements in the fields of education and passenger and freight traffic. The foreign ministers were satisfied with the political dialogue between their countries.

EUObserver: Commission takes Orban’s Hungary to court

The European Commission stepped up pressure on the Hungarian government of Viktor Orban over migrant quotas, NGOs and a school associated with US billionaire George Soros.

The Economist: Donald Trump’s administration is promoting democracy and human rights

Frustrated amid the chandeliered splendour of the Hungarian embassy in Washington, the Hungarian ambassador calls his State Department critics “old Obama administration technocrats.”

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