Tales of crime and disappearance

It is an established practice among some offenders to commit a crime and set it up so that someone else takes the blame. Atlatszo.hu took a look at several cases where the fall guy got more than was bargained for, … Folytatás


Central bank foundation story keeps on running

Hungary’s central bank has recently courted controversy by creating a number of private foundations which are then used to keep finances secret, even though the moneys involved are clearly public funds. Yielding to public pressure and, most importantly a decision … Folytatás


Government-friendly think-tank is well rewarded

Szazadveg, the think tank and intellectual hub that became one of the key advisors and strategists behind the reigning government policies has unsurprisingly seen good times in the past years. The group and its consortium partners were awarded close to … Folytatás


Multinational corporation gets ridiculous tax break

The Hungarian government has a long standing anti-globalisation rhetoric which advocates for the protection of domestic interests over the exploitative practices that multinational firms tend to practice. The reality, however, can be very different, as US electronics giant GE has … Folytatás

Photo: Chuck Miller - Flickr/Creative Commons
Photo: Chuck Miller - Flickr/Creative Commons

Another ousted oligarch buys into real estate abroad

The reshuffle in Hungary’s oligarchy has rendered several businessmen who were earlier favored allies of the political power looking for other avenues, with the state funds drying up. Atlatszo.hu found yet another prominent of the earlier system who is exploring … Folytatás