Attorney general’s track record raises plenty of questions

Peter Polt, Hungary’s attorney-general has a rich professional history that has established him as an ally of the political elite, mainly the conservative side currently in power, but he also did favors for earlier governments. After his portrait, presents … Folytatás

Photo credit: Gergely Túry / HVG
Photo credit: Gergely Túry / HVG

Refugees subjected to systematic abuse

Refugees struggling to get through the border fence separating Serbia and Hungary are still targets of violent attacks from individuals wearing blue, presumably police, uniforms.’s continued onsite coverage saw many similar cases, as well as the realization that the … Folytatás


Celebrity politician can’t put a foot wrong

Antal Rogan is a controversial figure, even fellow members in his governing Fidesz party often dislike him. Nonetheless, he has stuck it out over the years, increasing both his power as well as his wealth to the extent that he … Folytatás


Central bank happy to pay more for a friendly bid

The National Bank of Hungary has been forced through a lawsuit by Transparency International to release the details of a tender for advisory services, won by the think-tank closely associated with the government. The material reveals that even though there … Folytatás