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Hungary by Atlatszo – Government refusing to tell how it spent $7 million in the U.S.

This is what Atlatszo,hu wrote this week:

Government of Hungary refusing to tell how it spent $7 million in the U.S.
The Magyar Foundation of North America has been working on U.S.-Hungarian cultural relations since 2015 and has already spent about $7 million. The Ministry of Foreign affairs refused to tell us how that money was spent. One thing is for sure: the late Arthur J. Finkelstein’s mentees are running the show.

The EU funded 84 percent of the public procurement tenders won by Elios
Elios Zrt., accused of corruption by OLAF, was not only working on street lights: Atlatszo created a database of all public tenders won by Elios Zrt. and we found that 84 percent of the company’s public procurement income between 2010 and 2016 came from European Union funds.

We also read these:

EurActiv: Austria sues over EU approval of Hungary nuclear plant
Staunchly anti-nuclear Austria lodged a legal complaint with the European Court of Justice on 22 February against the EU’s approval of the expansion of a nuclear plant in neighbouring Hungary.

Reuters: Hungary slides deeper down corruption index, watchdog says
Hungary slid further down the global corruption league table this year, continuing a downward trend under PM Orban, who has exerted control over the courts and the media.

The Financial Times: Germany wants EU to reward states for taking migrants
Berlin wants more of the EU’s next budget to be tied to respect for core EU values. The initiative comes as concern is growing that the Polish and Hungarian governments are flouting the bloc’s norms.

Index/The Budapest Beacon: Area in parliament where reporters may pose questions to MPs on camera further decreased
Due to a strangely scheduled renovation, parliamentary reporters have been barred from one of the remaining two areas in Parliament where they could legally pose questions to MPs on camera.

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