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Hungary by Atlatszo – Hungarian MEP urges a comprehensive inquiry into the Azeri Laundromat

This is what wrote this week:

Atlatszo is joining forces with Hungarian MEP to urge a comprehensive inquiry into the Azerbaijani Laundromat

Hungarian MEP Benedek Jávor and Atlatszo are urging a comprehensive investigation into the Azerbaijani Laundromat. Atlatszo is filing a criminal complaint with the office of the Hungarian chief prosecutor while Jávor and four of his colleagues are initiating an EU-wide investigation into the case.

Businessmen with ties to the government own bars in the Budapest ruin bar scene

Governing party Fidesz usually stands up for law and order, but not when it comes to the party district in the 7th district of Budapest. We were wondering and looked at who owns the biggest bars or the buildings that host them.

We also read this:

The Budapest Beacon: Benedek Jávor on European politicians being bought up with Azeri money

The MEP  speaks about efforts in the European Parliament to shine light on the Azerbaijani laundromat, a slush fund reportedly used to buy influence from European politicians and journalists.

Politico: Hungary accuses US of meddling in election

The Foreign Ministry summoned the top American diplomat after the State Department announced that it would provide up to $700,000 “for projects that increase citizens’ access to objective information.”

Bloomberg: This Is How to Get Cheaper Gas in Hungary

Andras Tallai, who runs the tax authority in his capacity as state secretary in Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, boasted about talking Mol into cutting fuel prices in his constituency of Mezokovesd.

HírTV/The Budapest Beacon: Government spent $340,000 on Viktor Orbán’s flights since 2014

The list of foreign flights includes numerous unexplained trips to Switzerland. Inexplicably, the state news agency (MTI) neglected to report these trips.


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