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Hungary by Atlatszo – Life in the Hungarian transit zones: no proper food, medical care or education

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Life in the Hungarian transit zones: no proper food, medical care or education

An Afghan-Iranian family with three children waited eight months at the Serbian-Hungarian border to be able to apply for refugee status, then they spent four months locked up in the Röszke ’transit zone.’ They told about the inhumane conditions inside.

Thousands of trees cut and left to die in Budapest

More than 15 thousand trees were cut down in the past 5 years in Budapest. According to official statistics, 40 thousand young trees were planted during the same time but many of those are struggling or dying because they are not watered or cared for.


We also read this:

Politico Europe: Viktor Orbán looks to sport to boost Hungary’s prestige

As the Hungarian government continues to spar with Brussels and other EU capitals, it is turning to sport as an avenue for boosting its international profile and popularity at home.

The Irish Times: Putin and Orban meet again to defy growing European isolation

Putin’s meeting with Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban was their eighth in total as they strengthen ties in defiance of fierce criticism on several fronts from the EU and major member states.

Quartz: Hungary built a wall to keep out migrants. It now wants the EU to help pay for it

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook; he wants someone else to help pay for the country’s anti-migrant wall.

Reuters/NYT: Hungary Not Planning to Ask for Observer Seat at Euro Group

According to the Economy Ministry Hungary was “continuously monitoring” the ideas that are taking shape regarding the future of the euro zone. Hungary has no target date for adopting the euro.

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