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Hungary by Atlatszo – The government spent €23 million on anti-Soros and anti-EU campaign

This is what wrote this week:

Hungarian government spent €23 million on anti-Soros and anti-EU campaign

The biggest winner of the advertising campaign is Lorinc Meszaros, the prime minister’s friend. Mediaworks, a media company owned by Meszaros received €7 million (HUF 2.1 billion) in this campaign.

TV personality claims to have been offered to become RT’s anchor for a Hungarian language channel

Laszlo Juszt says he was dropped by RT because of embarrassing stories published about him at Atlatszo and he is suing us now for compensation. However, RT has never publicly said that it had been planning a Hungarian service.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban wages campaign against critical journalists

The recent defamatory pieces are only the tip of the iceberg of the attacks on press freedom in Hungary. Since 2010, the Hungarian government is working to silence critical voices– writes Atlatszo Erdely editor Zoltán Sipos at Index on Censorship.

We also read this:

Human Rights Watch: Hungary Begins a New Official Hate Campaign

Hungary’s government is set to launch its third tax-payer-funded campaign likely to fuel anti-foreigner sentiment. It’s aimed at highlighting what it calls a plan by Hungarian-born philanthropist George Soros.

Reuters: Hungary threatens to block Ukraine’s EU progress in language row

Ukraine passed a law on Sept. 5 obliging teachers to use only Ukrainian in secondary schools – a move that has already drawn protests from its biggest neighbour, Russia, as well as Romania.

Reuters: With Budapest closer to Moscow, Orban grants money to Russian Orthodox churches

PM Orban granted $9 million in the budget to the renovating and building of Russian Orthodox churches. This is seen as a bid to win favor with Russian President Putin.

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