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Hungary by Atlatszo – Ex Orban friend Simicska is surrendering, selling all his businesses

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Hungarian state subsidizing Hollywood mega-productions with tens of millions of euros

Hollywood actors, directors and producers arrived in Hungary one after the other in the past few years. It is not only the beauty of Budapest that attracts producers: they can get back up to 25 percent of the money they spend in Hungary.

Ex Orban friend Simicska is surrendering, selling all his businesses

A Hungarian oligarch who used to be close friends with Orban is selling all his businesses. Oligarchs have been rising into and falling out of favor in Hungary for years, but this story is different. This signals the end of an era.

Your weekend reading list about what is going on in Hungary

BBC: Hungary pursued by EU over ‘Stop Soros’ migrant law

The European Commission says a law in Hungary that criminalises support for asylum seekers is illegal amid a battle with the country over EU migration.

The New York Times: Hungary Pulls Out of U.N. Global Migration Agreement

Hungary’s minister of foreign affairs and trade announced the withdrawal, saying the agreement was “in conflict with common sense and also with the intent to restore European security.”

Independent: Israel’s Netanyahu criticised for wooing Hungary’s far-right prime minister Orbán

Politicians and party leaders had urged Mr Netanyahu to cancel the trip after the Hungarian leader last year drew criticism for praising Miklós Horthy, Hungary’s Second World War era ruler.

DW: Romania and Hungary clash over Black Sea gas distribution

Gas deposits off Romania’s coast worth billions of dollars have drawn the country into an economic row with Hungary.

EuroNews: Hungary is determined to silence any critics left standing

With independent media largely silenced or taken over, the courts increasingly curbed, and a parliament firmly under the control of Fidesz, Hungary’s nongovernmental groups are the most effective remaining voices to hold the government to account.

Science: Hungarian academy president vows to keep fighting for independence as government takes control

Science talked to MTA President László Lovász, who has negotiated at length with Palkovics in search of a last-minute compromise. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Independent: ‘Hungary is the worst’: Refugees become punch bag under PM Viktor Orbán

Gallup recently devised a Migrant Acceptance Index to measure how accepting populations were. Hungary recorded the third-worst score in the entire world.


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