Last week in Hungary

Hungary by Atlatszo – RT: ‘We never planned a Hungarian service’

This is what wrote this week:

RT contradicts TV personality claiming to have been picked as its anchor: ‘We never planned a Hungarian service’

‘RT has never planned, nor are we planning a Hungarian service, and thus we never even had a reason to discuss something like an anchor or studios. All reports to the contrary are outright fabrication’ – Anna Belkina, head of communications at the Russian RT channel told Atlatszo.

Euopean Parliament: Visegrad Quartet In Accord Over Gas Security

V4 MEPs are among the most influential in the EP when it comes to energy policy, according to Votewatch. The energy security regulation requires member states to help each other if one of them should run out of gas.

We also read this:

The Washington Post: Hungary summons US diplomat over negative comments on media

State Secretary Levente Magyar said the remarks by David Kostelancik, the charge d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, amounted to interference with parliamentary elections expected next year and eroded bilateral trust.

The Financial Times: Hungary holds Soros-founded college in ‘legal limbo’

The president of Budapest’s Central European University has decried what he says is a “travesty of the rule of law” after Budapest deferred an agreement meant to safeguard the institute’s status.

Haaretz: An Ambitious Project ID’d 80% of Hungarian Jews Murdered in the Holocaust

Yad Vashem has spent a decade searching every possible archive in Hungary, adding the names of over 200,000 previously anonymous Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Budapest Business Journal: Hungarians more supportive of European Parliament

European citizens are looking more and more favorably on the European Union. An above-average 72% of Hungarian respondents said they think their country has gained from being a member of the EU.