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Hungary by Atlatszo – Government’s favorite security company gets another huge state contract

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Max Gebhardt: China’s Belt and Road Initiative – Hungary at a Crossroads

As for a guess on how Hungary might survive between any potential collision of the EU, Russia, and China, as George Freidman most recently noted at his presentation to Budapest Brain Bar “Is Hungary going to wind up on the wrong side of the war? We’ve had a perfect record so far.”

Government’s favorite security company gets another huge state contract

The duo of Valton-Sec Kft and Target Group Zrt. will be responsible for the security of the National Sports Centres (Nemzeti Sportközpontok, NSK) Olympic facilities. The contract is worth HUF 1.7 billion (EUR 560,000).

We also read this:

Politico: Trading places on the Hungarian right

Polls suggest few EU countries are as nationalist as Hungary. As the country enters campaign season, the ruling Fidesz party and far-right Jobbik appear to be in the process of switching places.

DW: Hungary PM Viktor Orban aims to militarize the school system

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is moving to introduce compulsory military training in schools. It is a grim reminder of the country’s totalitarian past that has raised fears of ‘idealogical indoctrination.’

Budapest Beacon: Lex CEU: The Hungarian government’s war on two fronts

The Hungarian government’s position is softening dramatically in its negotiations with the State of New York over the fate of Budapest’s Central European University.

Budapest Beacon: Mészáros-connected publishing company fires regional editors

PLT was purchased by the Lőrinc Mészáros-tied Mediaworks Kft. last year, a company which oversaw the October closure of Hungary’s oldest and most widely-read national daily, Népszabadság.

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