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Hungary by Atlatszo – President Áder’s foundation given €4.7 million every year by Orban’s office

This is what Atlatszo wrote:

Collective amnesia: Austrian town unable to find the remains of 180 people massacred by Nazis

Rechnitz has a dark secret: 180 Hungarian Jews were killed here 74 years ago. Their remains have not yet been found still, although there have been 16 attempts to find the mass graves already. The town has been keeping the secret for more than seven decades, while descendants of the dead are still fighting for the truth.

Construction waste is piling up in a Budapest suburb, worrying locals but not authorities

The town of Üröm is a suburb of Budapest. It has long been struggling with commuter traffic passing through its main roads every day, but it is has been facing new challenges recently: construction waste and debris are being deposited on some of its arable lands, and a private company has just been granted a permit to recultivate an old stone mine.

President Áder’s foundation given €4.7 million every year by Viktor Orban’s office

One of the most important topics for President János Áder is environmental protection. Thus nobody was surprised to hear that he created a foundation with an environmental focus. It was more surprising, however, that the foundation will receive 1.5 billion Hungarian forints (approximately 4.7 million euros at today’s exchange rate) from the Prime Minister’s office every year, starting in 2019.

How We Did It: A Private Yacht, a Luxury Jet and Hungary’s Governing Elite

In the hot summer of 2018, our reporting team at Hungary’s Atlatszo tracked two luxury vehicles – a private plane and a luxury yacht – that the Hungarian government elite, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his closest allies, used to travel to business meetings, football games and vacations abroad.

Data visualization: 89% of Budapest streets that are named after people commemorate men

There are more than two thousand public spaces named after historic or fictitious people in Budapest. The names that these places are given tell us a lot about who are the people that our society wants to remember. It also tells us a lot about which era of our history we consider the most important.

This is what is going on in Hungary:

EUObserver: Bulgaria, Hungary, and Malta shamed on press unfreedom

Press freedom in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Malta ranks among the worst in the world, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based NGO. From journalists’ murders to media take-overs by oligarchs close to state powers, the three EU states were portrayed as an embarrassment for the European Union.

Euronews: Returning a favour…140 years later: why Hungary are sending Notre Dame donations
In 1879, the Hungarian city of Szeged was almost completely destroyed by a devastating flood from the River Tisza, killing more than a hundred people and leaving its population of 60,000 people all but homeless.

AlJazeera: Putin’s Trojan horse? Russian bank move to Hungary triggers alarm

Russia plans to move the headquarters of its development bank to Hungary. All told European authorities don’t know the extent of the money-laundering problem. But a picture is emerging.