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Hungary by Atlatszo – Orban’s enigmatic Swiss friend becomes president of Habsburg Otto Foundation

This is what we wrote this week:

Orban’s enigmatic Swiss friend becomes president of Habsburg Otto Foundation

Hungary’s ambassador to Switzerland became the president of the Habsburg Otto Foundation, an organization that the Hungarian government created in June. István Nagy, called Viktor Orban’s ‘Swiss banker’ by the media, is close to the Habsburg family.

Company dumps debris at illegal site despite having been paid €13 million for demolition project

A consortium was paid EUR 13 million by the government for the demolition of the Puskás Ferenc Stadium, but we have evidence that proves that at least part of the debris was processed and deposited illegally.

Oligarchs and government control: Pressure on media mounts in V4 countries as the EU watches

Pressuring journalists not to speak ill of those in power has become commonplace in the Visegrad countries. While the governments take over or sue newspapers and TV stations, the EU lacks tools to intervene.

We also read this:

The Budapest Beacon: Data Protection ombudsman: personal data bill is open to abuse

According to the bill personal data of citizens’ would be stored on a central server and made available for crime prevention, law enforcement, national security and counter-terrorism purposes.

Politico: Hungary’s ‘hipster patriots’ set sights on Orbán

For a fledging political movement with its headquarters in a basement, Hungary’s Momentum has already achieved a degree of success by halting an Olympic bid. The next target is Viktor Orbán.

The Budapest Beacon: Breakthrough could come in CEU case

The Hungarian government may conclude an agreement with the US state of New York within two weeks concerning the operation in Hungary of Central European University.

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