Atlatszo.hu launches interactive map to monitor EU funding

Over recent years Hungary has received huge amounts of funding from the European Union. Now, thanks to an interactive map developed by Atlatszo.hu, anyone can learn how the money is spent and whether political affiliation is an advantage when applying for EU funds.

Between 2007 and 2015, the total development funding from the European Union received by Hungary was close to one third of the country’s annual GDP. With the help of Mihaly Orsos and Balazs Krich, Atlatszo.hu has created an interactive open source map that shows where the money has gone.

The color-coded feature highlights which areas received the most money during which periods, based on publicly available tender records. Those interested can search by region, township or time period, to determine average funding amounts per capita, or totals for governed cycles.

The database serving as the basis of the feature is available at adat.atlatszo.hu/eu-kereso while the map itself can be visited at adat.atlatszo.hu/eu-terkep.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the map is the function showing whether government or opposition-led townships fared the best in any given government cycle.

Original article in Hungarian