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Atlatszo receives Prize for Quality Journalism for story on ‘onco-tourism’ in Central Europe

András Becker and Boróka Parászka were awarded the Prize for Quality Journalism for their story published by Atlatszo. The two-part series examined the ’onco-tourism’ at the Romanian-Hungarian border and how Romanian patients are seeking help in the Hungarian healthcare system.

According to the jury, the series was outstanding for its storytelling and its depth of research. The jury also mentioned that the authors covered a topic that is underreported in Hungary.

The Prize for Quality Journalism is awarded every month by the Editor-In-Chief’s Forum. The members of the jury are Vilmos Both, Gergely Dudás, Krisztián Nyáry, Veronika Pistyur, Júlia Sonnevend, Alinda Veiszer, and Balázs Weyer.

Pay or die? Onco-tourism and corruption in Romania and Hungary

Romania has apparently become a top location for private cancer treatment centers and private clinics. The number of these institutions is increasing year by year. The so-called Central- and Eastern European ‘onco-tourism’ is organized mostly through these institutions: wealthy patients are seeking better treatment conditions in Turkey or even in Western European countries.

The two-part series on Central European onco-tourism was funded by IJ4EU, a fund by the European Union to support investigative journalism.