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We are tweeting the traffic of luxury yachts and private jets of the Hungarian govt elite

Atlatszo is moving with the times and trying to keep up with changing media consumption habits, so we’ve decided to launch a thematic Twitter account, which tracks the luxury vehicles of the Hungarian government elite and automatically shows their movements. Want to know where the yachts Artemy, Lady MRD, Seagull MRD, or the private jet OE-LEM is right now? Click!

From now on, you don’t need to check the whereabouts of luxury yachts on specialised naval cruise sites or search the latest flight of the private jet used by Viktor Orbán on the aircraft traffic websites, because technology is already doing it for you. Just follow NERravel on Twitter and you’ll know everything.

In the past few years, Atlatszo did many stories about the luxury vehicles used by the Hungarian government elite. In 2016, Magyar Narancs featured Lőrinc Mészáros and his then-wife Beatrix relaxing on the luxury yacht Artemy. In 2018, we discovered that the super-rich businessman with close ties to the Hungarian government spent the holiday on board a bigger yacht, the then 7 billion HUF Lady MRD. We also discovered that an Austrian-registered private jet OE-LEM worth HUF 17 billion flies very often from Budapest to this yacht. We photographed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán getting off the plane on his way home from a Videoton football match in Bulgaria.

Hungarian government elite, including Orban, uses luxury yacht and private jet registered abroad

Atlatszo has been tracking two luxury vehicles all summer and, in doing so has documented where the leadership of the governing party and their business partners spent their summer vacations. While we were following the route of a yacht crisscrossing European waters and tracking a private jet, we managed to take photos of many members of the Hungarian government and also businessmen closely connected to the governing Fidesz party.

Although both yachts are owned by a Maltese offshore company, an EU anti-money laundering directive in 2020 revealed that the real owner of the yachts is László Szíjj, one of Hungary’s richest.

László Szíjj is the beneficial owner of the Malta offshore company in posession of luxury yachts used by the Hungarian government elite

Over the last two years, we have written several times about the fact that the Austrian-registered luxury private jet with…

Szíjj achieved phenomenal business success by winning public tenders announced by the state and various city councils: we have calculated that his company, Duna Aszfalt, alone or in consortium, received a total of 1,52 billion (1,052,000,000,000,000) HUF worth of public money from the Hungarian state between 2017 and 2020, and made a profit worth 7 times of the price of the yacht Lady MRD.

The businessman’s close relationship with the Orbán government is also illustrated by the fact that in the summer of 2020, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó spent a holiday on board one of Szíjj’s yachts, Lady MRD.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó manages the crisis in Belarus on a luxury yacht in the Adriatic

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs is spending this summer seemingly feverish, just visit his Facebook page to make sure:…

The business success based on public money tenders resulted in another Maltese-registered yacht for László Szíjj: in the autumn of 2021, we presented the 50-metre mega-yacht Seagull MRD, which cost at least €30 million (around HUF 10.5 billion at the then exchange rate). The rescue motorboat attached to it alone cost 87 million forints.

Malta offshore company of Hungarian oligarch buys yet another superyacht

Another Maltese-registered yacht has been acquired by the Hungarian government elite. The 50-metre luxury yacht, the Seagull MRD was built last year in Livorno and is owned by the same company as its now infamous predecessor, the Lady MRD, which is only 42 metres long but also built in the Italian Benetti factory.

Like the Lady MRD, the Seagull MRD’s voyages have crossed paths with the OE-LEM-registered private jet’s trips to Naples, near Nice and Olbia in Sardinia in the summer of 2021. Dániel Németh and Gábor Rádi also filmed Hungarian oligarchs on board the luxury yachts, such as the children of Lőrinc Mészáros and Gellért Jászai, the 4iG leader.

Secret private jet and upgraded superyacht crossed paths in Italy this summer

Since its acquisition in 2020, László Szíjj’s new luxury yacht, Seagull MRD, has been cruising the Mediterranean, mainly along the coast of Italy. Its routes have repeatedly crossed popular holiday destinations with the famous private jet of the Hungarian government elite, OE-LEM.

We’ve been following the luxury vehicles separately so far, as different sites show the movement of the planes and boats, but now we’ve managed to combine the information in one Twitter account. This immediately signals when either vehicle is in motion and posts its position. If you always want to know where Artemy, Lady MRD, Seagull MRD or OE-LEM are, follow NERtravel on Twitter!

If new yachts or planes are discovered, we’ll link them too, so you’ll always know where they are .

Translated by Zita Szopkó. The original, Hungarian version of this article is available here.

Hungary. What do you know about Hungary? from atlatszo.hu on Vimeo.