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Restricted tender doubled the estimated price of the Hungarian pavilion of the 2025 World Expo in Japan

The Hungarian pavilion of the 2025 World Expo in Osaka can be built for twice the estimated price, for HUF 19.9 billion net by the government’s preferred construction company. Only three companies were invited to participate in the public procurement procedure, the result of the tender was published in the public procurement notice recently.

Last fall the EXPO 2025 Hungary Nonprofit Ltd. has launched a negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice, rather than an open procedure. The decision was justified by the urgency of the tender. The tender was to select the contractor for the Hungarian pavilion at the 2025 World Expo in Osaka.

Only 3 companies were invited to tender:

  • BAYER CONSTRUCT Építőipari és Szolgáltató Zrt.
  • CONFECTOR Mérnöki Iroda,
  • and Market Építő Zrt.

The estimated value of the contract was HUF 9.3 billion net.

Businesses had to bid for the whole project, from design to demolition. In the end, all three companies took up the opportunity, but the cheapest bid, worth HUF 19.9 billion net, was submitted by BAYER CONSTRUCT. Competitor Market Építő would have bid for HUF 20.9 billion net, while CONFECTOR would have bid for HUF 22.8 billion net.

It is not yet known exactly what the Hungarian pavilion will look like, as the visual plans have not been published, despite the fact that the designer has already been selected months earlier. According to the documents uploaded on, the pavilion will be built on a net area of 1,749 square metres, with a total of 5 floors including a basement and a mezzanine. The project will last until April 2026.

Bayer Construct performs well in public procurement

BAYER CONSTRUCT Zrt., which won the tender, has increased its annual turnover from HUF 22 billion to HUF 63.8 billion over the past five years, while its profit has risen from HUF 2.5 billion to HUF 10.5 billion.

The company preferred by the government receives many public contracts: most recently for the design and construction of the MTK Sports Park for a net amount of HUF 26.9 billion.

The CEO of the BAYER group, Attila Balázs, has also done business with the Prime Minister’s son-in-law, István Tiborcz, and the Prime Minister’s childhood friend (and the country’s richest man), Lőrinc Mészáros.

Written and translated by Eszter Katus. More detailed Hungarian version of this story can be found here. Photo: 2025 World Expo Osaka 3D Rendering. Credit: Youtube/JAPAN Forward