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The official meetings of prime minister Viktor Orbán – interactive feature

520 days, 659 official meetings, 82 dictators, autocrats and right-wing populist – this is the result of our analysis based on data collected from Prime Minister’s Office’s website. Our new interactive feature is about the official meetings and trips of Viktor Orbán, PM of Hungary, between June 2010 and September 2019. 

Meeting with bad guys – that’s normal in the world of politics and diplomatics, even when a meeting partner is the prime minister of the most liberal country in the world. But the earned friendships, the frequency and the aims of the meetings could be good indicators of how, and where does a leader position himself/herself in the world geopolitics. In our new interactive feature we show Orbán’s most frequent meeting partners, his favorites and his aims with the meetings.


Image from Gyazo

Forrás: ATLO Team

The feature contains 7 interactive visualizations, graphics, a map and a database. You can access the full content by clicking on the link below:

A miniszterelnök találkozói

A MINISZTERELNÖK TALÁLKOZÓI Bátorfy Attila – Galambosi Eszter A nemzetközi szervezetek és nyugati-európai politikusok mellett szép számmal vannak diktátorok és jobboldali populista vezetők is azok között, akikkel Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök a 2010-es hat

Written and translated by Attila Bátorfy, data visualisation by ATLO Team