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Hungary by Atlatszo – Government pours money into football, churches and schools abroad

This is what Atlatszo wrote this week:

Hungarian government pours money into football, churches and schools abroad

In 2018, the Hungarian government awarded grants amounting to 84 billion forints to organizations of ethnic Hungarian communities living abroad. Universities, churches and football clubs received the biggest amount of financial support.

The Hungarian community in Transylvania, flooded with financial support from Hungary. These are the biggest winners

Grants with a total worth of 47 billion forints have been awarded to organizations from Transylvania by the Bethlen Gabor Fund in 2018. The most consistent financial support went to the Sapientia University, the School Foundation, churches and football projects. publishes 2018 annual report

In 2018 our websites reached a regular readership of 400,000-900,000 unique page views monthly or 4% of the total Hungarian population (400,000 visitors) at least once a week. Our Facebook page reached more than 96,000 followers by the end of the year.

Data visualization feature: this is what Hungary looks like from above

The New York Times published a data visualization project last year that examined how the United States looks like from above: structures of streets, buildings, and towns. Inspired by this project Atlatszo’s data team, Atlo, decided to look at what Hungary looks like from above.

Here is what is going on in Hungary:

Index: Putin’s bank moves to Budapest, gets all conceivable privileges and immunities

The Moscow-based International Investment Bank is moving its headquarters to Budapest. The Hungarian Parliament debated the international agreement establishing the bank’s new headquarters yesterday – there are a number of alarming details.

Politico: Hungary launches campaign targeting Jean-Claude Juncker

The Hungarian government launched a new taxpayer-funded campaign Monday aimed at European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Hungarian-American businessman George Soros, accusing Brussels of pushing migration plans that “threaten Hungary’s security.”

EURACTIV: EPP protects Orbán for now, fearing he might join far-right

The European People’s Party does not want to raise tensions with its ‘bad boy’ Hungarian PM Orbán because this might push him towards joining Italian populist Matteo Salvini or even far-right Marine Le Pen, a Christian-Democrat (CDU) politician told EURACTIV Germany in Berlin.

Reuters: Hungary, Sweden snipe at each other over Hungary’s birth plan

Hungary and Sweden complained to each other’s ambassadors on Wednesday after a Swedish minister tweeted that a Hungarian plan to increase birth rates “reeks of the 30s,” prompting a retaliation from a Hungarian deputy.

DW: Decade after neo-Nazi killings, Hungary hostile for Roma

Though violent crimes against Roma are less brazen in Hungary nowadays, the minority group continues to face adversity. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s programs to aid Roma do nothing to address their marginalization.