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Police colonel fired from university job after directing a sexually suggestive video featuring female students

A police colonel was fired from the National University of Public Service (NKE) after Atlatszo revealed that he directed a short video in which female students, prospective police officers spoke and acted in sexually suggestive ways. Pol. Col. Dr. med. Miklós Angyal PhD was a professor and acting department head at the Department of Tactics and Methods in Criminalistics, Faculty of Law Enforcement. This was not the first time he was punished: in 2011 he was removed from his managerial position at the Pécs police department because he was found in a garage, on the hood of a car, drunk and naked.

The university told Atlatszo that the video was shot in April 2018 during a competition titled ’Creative crime-hunters.’ Three-member teams were asked to ’creatively re-shoot’ certain scenes from either Pulp Fiction or Snatch. Angyal and his colleague decided to shoot their own video as well and chose a scene from Snatch, deciding to re-shoot it with female characters.

The video is titled ’Snatch (Female version).’ The students in the video are wearing masks and are pretending to use their guns to threaten someone into giving them the questions of the next final exam.  The language is vulgar; the words that are most often used in the video refer to male or female parts of genitalia.

We blurred the faces of the students and changed their voices so that they are unrecognizable:

Erotikus hangulatú videót készített az NKE Kriminalisztikai Intézet tanszékvezetője a hallgatóiról from atlatszo.hu on Vimeo.

’All the students in the video volunteered for these parts. Just like the original scene, this re-shot scene is not erotic and it is not offending gender identity’ the university told us in a statement.

NKE added that there has already been an investigation into the matter after an anonymous complaint about the video. ’Despite the fact that the event was a success and that all the students and participants we asked said that no part of the event was offensive, NKE decided to issue a written warning to the university leaders involved because of the questionable choice of topic and the vulgar language.’

However, when we published our article about the case, the university decided to ’re-examine’ the matter and eventually fired Angyal. The announcement came hours after Atlatszo published the story.

We reached out to Miklós Angyal as well. First, he said that he was willing to answer our questions but later he canceled our meeting. Shortly after he said that he was banned from talking to us and that the university would answer our questions instead.

Angyal is a medical doctor who, according to his Wikipedia page, is a forensic expert. After he was removed from his managerial position in Pécs in 2011, he started working for the Baranya County police, then at the Budapest National Expert and Research Center. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at the University of Pécs in 2014. He was appointed acting department head at the Department of Tactics and Methods in Criminalistics in 2015.

There was another NKE professor who took part in making the controversial short video. NKE told us that the person in question left the university in July 2018 because of a different matter: he was found naked, walking on the bank of the Danube in Budapest under the influence of drugs. In the internal investigation of the university leading to his dismissal, the police major said that party drugs had been secretly put into his drink in a bar and that caused the incident.

The National University of Public Service has a special role in Hungary because it trains civil service leaders. The Faculty of Law Enforcement trains leaders for the police, the tax authority, the emergency services, the immigration services, and the prison guards.

Written by Brigitta Csikász

English version by Anita Kőműves

You can read the original, Hungarian version of the story here.