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Hungary by Atlatszo – Azerbaijani slush fund transferred millions of dollars to Hungary in 2012

This is what wrote this week:

Azerbaijani slush fund transferred millions of dollars to Hungary in 2012

Atlatszo contributed to OCCRP’s Azerbaijani Laundromat investigation by researching an offshore company’s Hungarian connections, which received a series of payments totalling over $9 million to a Hungarian bank account in 2012 at a politically sensitive time.

Looking at Budapest, Putin is pushing into Europe

Atlatszo’s investigative reporter Antónia Rádi wrote an essay for Argentinian weekly La nueva mañana with the headline: ‘Looking at Budapest, Putin is pushing into Europe.’ The story describes how Hungarian PM Viktor did a complete turnaround regarding his Russia policy.

We also read this:

The New York Times Editorial Board: Hungary Is Making Europe’s Migrant Crisis Worse

It is particularly sad to see countries that so poignantly celebrated the lifting of the Iron Curtain now argue, as Hungary does, that being asked to take in a small number of Muslim immigrants is somehow a violation of European laws and values.

Euobserver: Budget MEP accuses Orban’s aide of political interference

The chair of the European Parliament’s budgetary control committee accused Hungarian authorities of political interference over control of a railway in Viktor Orban’s village.

The Washington Post: Hungary and Slovakia challenged Europe’s refugee scheme. They just lost badly

The court case has been accompanied by highly charged propaganda from Hungary’s and Slovakia’s political leadership, which is driven in part by the rise of the far right across Eastern Europe.

Forbes: China’s Relationship With Hungary Is Being Tested As The EU And Russia Apply Pressure

“When the Chinese think about the economy and Europe, then it is Hungary that mostly comes to their minds now” said Hungarian foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto. But Hungary is most likely not the main consideration of Beijing policy-makers.

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