Looking at Budapest, Putin is pushing into Europe

Atlatszo’s investigative reporter Antónia Rádi wrote an essay for Argentinian weekly La nueva mañana with the headline: ‘Looking at Budapest, Putin is pushing into Europe.’

The story was published after the Russian president’s latest visit to Budapest. The story also describes how Hungarian PM Viktor did a complete turnaround regarding his Russia policy.

Rádi also explains the controversies surrounding the planned construction of the Paks2 nuclear plant. She also explores what Moscow’s intentions might be – why Putin is trying to be friends with Hungary now. She quotes Russia expert András Rácz who in a previous interview with Atlatszo explained that the Kremlin’s main objective was to weaken NATO and the EU.

The Argentinian weekly is published every Monday in the second biggest city, Córdoba. La nueva mañana defines itself as an independent weekly and website that has no ties to any oligarchs or politicians.

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