Key figure of election sex scandal owns apartment next to Chief Prosecutor at Lake Balaton

Lawyer Zoltán Rákosfalvy, attorney and group sex partner of scandal-ridden mayor of Győr Zsolt Borkai, owns a luxury apartment in the very same luxury apartment house in Balatonfüred, where Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt also purchased real estate 3 years ago.

Along with Chief Prosecutor Peter Polt and his wife, prominent businessmen, high ranking sports managers, and other publicly known personalities, some of them openly supporting governing party Fidesz, purchased apartments in a newly built luxury apartment house in a popular holiday resort at Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred, Atlatszo reported 3 years ago, based on property records research.

Zoltán Rákosfalvy is one of them. In the run-up for the municipal elections held on Sunday, an anonymous blog exposed the mayor of Győr, 1988 Olimpic Champion Zsolt Borkai, who attended a group sex party on a yacht on the Adriatic sea along with Rákosfalvy. Company records researched by Atlatszo prove, that the son of Zsolt Borkai is linked to his father’s lawyer and traveling companion through multiple companies:

Group sex parties and private airplanes: Fidesz mayor exposed in run-up for local elections

In the run-up for the municipal elections due on Sunday, an anonymous blog exposed the mayor of Győr, 1988 Olimpic Champion Zsolt Borkai: according to photos published, Borkai attended a sex party on a yacht with Zoltán Rákosfalvy, an attorney involved in shady real estate dealings in his hometown.

Rákosfalvy is known for having good Fidesz relations, has a contractual relationship with the Győr city council, and has also had with the Fidesz parliamentary group. The lawyer is also linked to multiple Luxemburg offshore companies which have Hungarian subsidiaries: one of them played a suspicious role in german carmaker Audi’s real estate purchase in Győr in 2012. This company also owns a private aircraft, HA-CIZ, a four-seater Cessna, which is often piloted by mayor Zsolt Borkai.

Infographic by Atlatszo

Property records researched by Atlatszo prove, that in the Balatonfüred luxury appartment house Rákosfalvy owns a 81 square meter holiday home with a 13 square meter terrace – bigger than the Polt appartment, which, however, is only 62 square meters, and the terrace is not as large as Rákosfalvy’s either. Both of them still own the apartments purchased in 2016.

It is also worth to mention, that 3 of the 11 casino  concessions allowed in Hungary have been awarded to a company owned by Rákosfalvy in 2016.

Despite the sex scandal, Zsolt Borkai was re-elected for mayor on Sunday, but had to leave the ranks of the governing party two days later, since Fidesz politicians blame his scandal for the surprise election win of opposition parties in the capital, multiple Hungarian cities and many districts of Budapest.

Written by Brigitta Csikász. You can read the original, Hungarian language story here. Photo by Atlatszo.