Attorney general relaxes with high society

Hungary’s attorney general Peter Polt, the single biggest decision maker in the executive line of the justice system is a well-known favorite of the established political elite. This is all the more evident from the improvement of his means over the years, best shown by his vacation home that neighbors a diverse and vast number of political and business elites, as Atlatszo.hu’s investigation revealed.

Attorney general Peter Polt was at one time called the current establishment’s most important pillar by the prime minster, and his efforts over the past years have been rewarded by a noted improvement in his family’s financial opportunities. Polt apparently enjoys the time he has for himself personally in pleasant conditions, and he and his wife spared no expense to acquire top-tier recreational property. Polt and his spouse are the owners of a prestigious vacation home with a view on the shore of lake Balaton, Hungary’s best-known domestic tourist destination.

The 65-square-meter property’s value was estimated at HUF 70 million (€225,000) in the press, although Polt later asserted that it cost way less. Although his salary is reasonable in terms of state servants, his wife with her job at the central bank with a monthly gross salary of HUF 5 million (€16,000) made sure that there would be no problem raising the funds for the apartment.

Their neighbors in the complex are also of note. As Atlatszo.hu found, the list of residents is littered with individuals from the political elite to the highest domains of the business realm, with entrepreneurs who own companies worth millions of euros. Besides individuals like Karoly Zoltan Szatmari, who is listed among Hungary’s 100 wealthiest, the “locals” also include businessmen who have had suspect dealings in the past but are nonetheless known for their affiliation with the governing Fidesz party. Questionable practices include offshore assets or getting rich from an impressive success streak in public procurement tenders.

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