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Hungary by Atlatszo – Orban government hired Trump’s Israel campaign chief as a lobbyist

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Golden Visas in Hungary: Send Us Your Rich, You Can Keep the Tired and Poor

Orban and his government have no problem with immigrants of any color willing to pay big money to get into Hungary. In 2013, Hungary launched a Golden Visa program that urged foreigners from all over the world to come to Hungary.

Hungarian government hired Trump’s Israel campaign chief as a lobbyist

The government of Hungary hired another lobbying firm in Washington: Sanitas International is working for Orban government on behalf of BSI Public Affairs. The latter firm is led by two Israeli lobbyists who worked for the Trump campaign in Israel.

We also read these:

The Washington Post: Once-fringe Soros conspiracy theory takes center stage in Hungarian election

In his own telling, Orban is locked in an epochal struggle with a shadowy international puppet master whose limitless resources put him on par with the great invaders of Hungarian history.

BBC: Hungary jails ‘terrorist’ over migrant border clash

Ahmed Hamed was also convicted of being an accomplice in “terrorist acts”. Prosecutors said he had used a loudspeaker to address hundreds of migrants who then rushed through a gate in the border fence.

NPR: How Poland And Hungary Are Forming A Powerful Tag Team Against Brussels

Hungary and Poland have come to each other’s defense on and off since the Middle Ages. And they are doing so now as the European Union increases pressure on the two countries.

Human Rights Watch: Hungary’s Government Turns on the UN

Hungary’s Foreign Minister has demanded the resignation of the UN’s top human rights official Zeid bin Ra’ad al-Hussein – after Zeid described as racist comments made by Orbán about immigration.

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