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Under Orbán and Magyar, the left-liberal opposition has finally collapsed

Fidesz-KDNP did very well in this year’s EP elections, despite many analysts’ assessments, with a record turnout, the left-liberal opposition has virtually disappeared, with 83% of voters voting for a right-wing political party. Read the full analysis on ATLO.

Many are now clinging to the fact that the higher turnout meant that Fidesz “only” got 44% of the vote, which is significantly below not only the preliminary estimates but also the previous EP election results for the governing parties (detailed results). However, it should be noted that never before have so many people voted for the Fidesz-KDNP EP list as now. Moreover, the governing parties won 3105 of the 3177 municipalities (including the 23 districts of Budapest).

Péter Magyar’s Tisza won 65 municipalities, while Mi Hazánk and Megoldás Mozgalom (MEMO) won 1 and 1. In four municipalities, Fidesz-KDNP and Tisza lists received the same number of votes. Fidesz-KDNP also managed to gain significant majorities in all types of settlements: in villages and municipalities they were strong again, and they also gained majorities in small and large towns, although in these two types of settlements, Tisza came up second.1

Even so, if we see all the settlements of Hungary as 100 units, out of 100 settlements, 98 settlements were won by Fidesz-KDNP, and 2 by Tisza. By the same logic, in 94 out of 100 municipalities, Tisza came second, in 5 other parties were second and in 1 Fidesz. On this basis, it can hardly be said that Fidesz-KDNP had a bad result.

2If we put the same numbers on a map, we see that almost all of Hungary is orange, even at the settlement level. The only exceptions to this are several districts of Budapest, agglomeration towns, a few county capitals (Nyíregyháza, Szolnok, Szeged) and a few medium-sized towns where Tisza has overtaken Fidesz.


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Translated by Krisztián Szabó. The original, Hungarian version of this story written by Attila Bátorfy and can be found here.