Last week in Hungary

Hungary by Atlatszo – See the castles and hotels owned by the prime minister’s son-in-law

This is what wrote this week:

American and Czech defense companies with ties to government profit from Hungarian police contracts

A company with ties to the Hungarian government which often flies Hungarian oligarchs by helicopter has recently co-founded a new company with Pennsylvania registered International Defense & Aerospace Group LLC.

Drone video: see the castles and hotels owned by the prime minister’s son-in-law

István Tiborcz, the Hungarian prime minister’s son-in-law switched to the real estate business a few years ago. Atlatszo reporters equipped with a drone drove more than seven hundred kilometers to show you the properties Tiborcz owns.

Here is your reading list about what is going on in Hungary:

The Guardian: Hungarian PM vows to continue battle with EU over migration

Hungary has said it will resist any EU-wide attempt to strip it of its right to protect its borders and will fight to overturn the pro-migration policies of the centre-right grouping to which it belongs in the EP.

The Jerusalem Post: Yad Vashem: Hungarian Holocaust Museum is ’Falsification of History’

The Hungarian government recently announced the transfer of the museum to the Chabad Jewish federation in Hungary, although the liberal Jewish community opposes participation in the project.

Alexander Faludy: Laughter in the face of absurdity

Faludy is the only grandson of George Faludy, the renowned Hungarian poet. Here Faludy responds to one of the many articles of János Dénes Orbán, an emissary of the government’s new cultural policy.

AlJazeera: Hungary upholds ‘terrorism’ conviction against Syrian refugee

A Hungarian court rejected the appeal of a Syrian refugee and upheld his 2016 conviction for “terrorism”, but reduced his sentence, in what a rights group called an abuse of anti-terrorism laws.

Council on Foreign Relations: Europe Wrestles With Hungary’s Populist Challenge

The European Union has denounced Hungary for its self-styled “illiberal democracy,” but don’t expect a turnaround from Prime Minister Viktor Orban anytime soon.

Politico: Hungary’s system to prevent migrant torture dubbed ‘ineffective’

Hungary’s system for preventing the ill-treatment of migrants is “ineffective,” according to an anti-torture group. The Hungarian government rejected the allegations, calling them “political.”