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Hungary by Atlatszo – The next generation of pro-Orban oligarchs

This is what wrote this week:

The next generation of pro-Orban oligarchs: the Mészáros kids are making 3300 euros a day winning public tenders

Lőrinc Mészáros became the second wealthiest man in the country only in a few years. The former gas pipe fitter says that his talent and hard work pay off. It seems that talent runs in the family as his children have been winning public tenders for the past three years, and they are getting rich as well.

Orban’s anti-NGO law stigmatizing animal shelters, food banks and church groups

The Hungarian government updated its list of foreign-funded NGOs on its website: now you can see a list of 121 NGOs that get more than 7.2 million forint support from abroad and were willing to register. The list includes animal shelters, groups supporting children with cancer and a juggling association.

Your reading list about what is going on in Hungary:

Fox News: Hungary’s populist government abolishes gender studies courses

In a statement, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said that there is “no demonstrable demand for graduates of ‘social gender studies’ in the Hungarian labor market.

The Wall Street Journal: In Orban’s Hungary, a Glimpse of Europe’s Demise

Onetime dissident Viktor Orban cozies up to Putin, betting that the post-Cold War era of liberal democracy is doomed.

Reuters: Frida Kahlo exhibit criticised in Hungary for ‘promoting communism’

A right-wing pro-government newspaper has criticised a hugely popular exhibition of her work at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest for “promoting communism”.