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Hungary by Atlatszo – See what corruption looks like in Hungary

This is what wrote this week:

This is what corruption looks like: drone videos of 23 towns with Elios lamps

Two dozen Hungarian towns spent €40 million from EU funds on installing new LED lamps in their streets. Brussels investigated the contracts and found irregularities, but it seems like the lamps themselves don’t work, either.  We took a photometer, our drone, a camera, drove 2500 kilometers and went to two dozen towns to see how they work.

Hungarian government spent €8.1 million on its latest ‘Stop Soros’ campaign

The Hungarian government keeps spending taxpayer money on anti-Soros propaganda. In December 2017 and January 2018 it spent €13.5 million on six different advertising campaigns. The most expensive of the six was the one targeting the Hungarian-born millionaire: €8.1 million was spent on anti-Soros ads.

We also read these:

The New York Times: How Viktor Orban Bends Hungarian Society to His Will

Mr. Orban has waged an assault on the hardware of Hungary’s democracy. But Mr. Orban is also trying to recode the software of Hungary’s democracy — its cultural sphere, civil society and education system.

Euronews: Hungarian government rehashes UKIP anti-migrant poster in new ad

The Hungarian government has dug out a controversial photo used by Britain’s anti-immigrant UK Independence Party, and reused it to campaign for it own anti-immigration policy.

The Guardian: In Hungary, the exploitation of a mythical enemy is poisoning politics

Because any sane electorate would throw him out, Orbán needs an enemy to scare Hungarians into voting for him. He has come up with a novel combination of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim bigotry.

Politico: Battle of leaks as Hungarian campaign heats up

Publications owned by Orbán’s former close friend turned nemesis have published stories that have raised questions on the extent of government corruption and could prompt an upset in the polls for Orbán.

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