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Hungary by Atlatszo – This is how government-friendly news outlets dominate the media

This is what wrote last week:

The Hungarian government spent €16.5 million on propaganda in three months

In the last three months of summer the Hungarian government spent €7.6 million on anti-Soros advertising. It also paid €2.8 million for PR articles about its own actions and spent €1.6 million on promoting the FINA world championships.

This is how government-friendly news outlets dominate the Hungarian media

Government-friendly media outlets reach more people than all the others when we look at national newspapers, rural newspapers, news magazines, radios or the evening news programs. We summarized our finding in nine charts.

We also read this:

Reuters: Hungary launches rail link tender as CEE-China summit starts

The tender will be published as politicians from China and Central European countries begin a two-day summit in Budapest, with the participation of 16 prime ministers including Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Euronews: Inside Hungary’s far-right movement

Ahead of 2018 elections, Hungary’s Fidesz ruling party’s campaign competes with far-right narratives. We met those who say immigration and globalisation threaten their identity.

ABCNews: Trump campaign adviser Carter Page held high-level meetings with Hungarian officials in Budapest

Travels by Trump campaign adviser Carter Page to meet with senior officials in Hungary during th2016 presidential election are being closely examined by congressional investigators, given the increasingly close ties between Hungary and Russia.


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