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Hungary by Atlatszo – Government spending €21 million from EU funds on another propaganda campaign

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Government spending €21 million from EU funds on another propaganda campaign

Csaba Csetényi, minister Antal Rogán’s neighbor has just got a contract worth €21 million (HUF 6.5 billion). His company will do a communication campaign for this amount and the Prime Minister’s Office will be footing the bill, using EU funds.

The in-house anti-corruption police unit is watching the Arton Capital burglary investigation

Arton is one of the companies that was selling residency bonds to foreigners. Its Budapest offices were burglarized in April, and a safe containing EUR 1,9 million was reported stolen.

The many battles facing Hungary’s investigative journalists

“High-level corruption is so widespread that one doesn’t need to wait long to find a story” says editor-in-chief Tamas Bodoky in this story by Euronews about investigative reporting in Hungary. A pocket revolution bought with Russian money is a member of VSquare, a network of independent media outlets carrying out cross-border investigations in the Visegrad region. The web page was launched this week and the first series of articles is examining Moscow’s influence in the V4 countries.

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The Financial Times: Hungary’s anti-migrant campaign takes root as villagers vent fury

Zoltan Fenyesi, mayor of village Ocseny offered a free holiday at his guesthouse to a group of refugees, but his offer provoked a vicious public backlash including death threats.

AP: Hungarian Government Resumes Campaign Against George Soros

The Hungarian government has resumed its campaign against Hungarian-American billionaire philanthropist George Soros and his support for migration.

The Budapest Beacon: Chief Prosecutor: There is no ongoing investigation about the Azeri slush fund

Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt confirmed that there is no ongoing investigation into the dubious bank transfers to Hungarian bank accounts from an Azeri slush fund.

The Financial Times: EU escalates legal action against Hungary over NGO law

Brussels has said it believes the NGO law, adopted by MPs in June, indirectly discriminates against NGOs and violates donor rights.

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