Hungarian hack slams foreign correspondents in expletive-strewn email

A high profile right-wing journalist branded Budapest-based foreign correspondents “shitheads” and “assholes” in an expletive-strewn email to members of the Hungarian International Press Association (HIPA). István Lovas, the Brussels correspondent for pro-Fidesz daily Magyar Nemzet, expressed disgust that recent Socialist Party (MSZP) scandals have gone unreported in the foreign press, such as its alleged involvement in a staged video depicting Fidesz officials buying votes before a recent by-election. Lovas singled out BBC correspondent Nick Thorpe as an “honorable exception” however.

Atlatszo.hu could not reach Lovas for comment but a HIPA member confirmed that they had received the message from Lovas and decided to forward it to the mailing list members after a brief discussion.

Lovas later explained that he had drunk a bottle of wine and two pálinkas before sending the email.

The message is printed below:

Listen Shitheads, that is, all foreign correspondents in Budapest with a few and truly honorable exceptions, such as Nick Thorpe of the BBC:

I have never ever been as rude in my life as I am being now in any article, or in any “official” letter addressed to anyone, unlike so many of  your friends and trusted sources in the left-liberal media.

But you, fucken shitheads, deserve it. At least once.

You have just failed to report on the gigantic scandals of the Socialists, rocking the country, in trying to frame Fidesz in the Baja elections, or former PM F. Gyurcsany’s public admission that MSZP, when he was at its helm, received funds secretly from outside Europe,  while, just to earn your keep,  you are writing reams about everything else than – as usual –  the events that really move Hungary and the electorate.

Some examples, assholes:


  La gauche hongroise unie, au moins le temps d’une manifestation


  Par Géza MOLNAR


  ATTENTION – ajoute déclarations du parti de Bajnai ŕ l’AFP //


http://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article121038974/Warum-ein-Judenhasser-zum-Judentum-konvertiert.html or

I hope the next week, just to compensate for your silence on issues that really matter and would matter to your readers who get the same fare from you all the time, you will write a dozen of articles on anti-Semitism in Hungary, and the collusion there between the government and Jobbik.

Why don’t you just fuck off, or, as, supposedly, we live in a democracy, eat shit to change your diet ordered by your editors?

Kind regards,

Istvan LOVAS

Brussels correspondent

Magyar Nemzet

+32 (0) 47 xxx

Read atlatszo.hu’s original Hungarian article here.