Atlatszo.hu released earlier studies by CEO of MVM Zrt.

Current CEO of MVM Zrt., Fidesz-friendly businessman Csaba Baji earned 43 million HUF as counsellor of state owned electricity company MVM Zrt. at the time of socialist governments between 2006 and 2010. As we previously reported, Baji’s counselling venture was also subcontracted by a Spanish company involved in the state electricity provider MVM Zrt’s offshore money laundering case. Last year we filed a freedom of information request to MVM Zrt to learn about the price of the businessman’s B.CS. Kontroll Zrt’s assignment, the performance certificates and the studies, that Baji’s company wrote for MVM. As MVM refused to fulfill our request, we took the case to the court and won. MVM handed over the requested documents and we published them.

Read the full article and the documents here (Hungarian)