Hungarian Radio’s Employee Defends the Government on Hidden Camera Video published a hidden camera video of Fruzsina Tóth, a protester representing the students (she is also a first-year sociology student), talking to a woman who claimed to be a journalist of the Hungarian Radio. At the Dec. 17 protest, students demanded the Hungarian Radio to read their 5 + 1 points live. The hidden camera video was recorded when Ms. Tóth entered the building to hand the students’ petition to the radio’s presenters. The woman on the video was defending the Hungarian government’s decisions. Among other things, Ms. Tóth and she talked about the recent setback of university admission quotas; Ms. Tóth mentioned that due to the lack of funding many universities were closed for two weeks to save money for heating. As Global Voices reported, eventually the students’ demands were not announced on air, but the presenter talked about the protest in front of the Radio and about the petition as well.

This post was originally published on Global Voices Online.

Read’s full article in Hungarian and watch our video here.

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