Shepherd accuses mayor of theft in Felcsút

A shepherd filed a complaint against persons unknown for theft at the Police Department in the town of Bicske. András Váradi is a habitant of Alcsútdoboz-Göbölpuszta, who claims that on November 24, 2012 the mayor of Felcsút Lőrinc Mészáros ordered his employees to transport Mr. Váradi’s muck to the lands his company (Búzakalász 66 Felcsút Kft.) obtained through a public tender in March. Mr. Váradi says he has been collecting and preparing the muck for use for four years now; the theft caused him a damage worth 500 thousand HUF.  Mr. Váradi is looking for a lawyer to take his case, but he hardly finds help because no-one wants to enter the fight against Mr. Mészáros.

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