Nonexistent and state-funded “NGOs” behind in the anti-Bajnai campaign

Neither the Hungarian Medical Chamber, nor the Reformed and the Evangelistic Church are actually involved in the government- leaning Civil Alliance Forum’s (Civil Összefogás Fórum, CÖF) campaign against oppositional politician Gordon Bajnai, atlatszo.hu found out, despite that they are listed on the massively pro-government movement’s supporters website. The organisers of the Fidesz supporter Peace March launched a massive advertisement campaign against former PM Bajnai in the last weeks. Although their homepage listed plenty of organisations as their supporters and member organisations, we found out that many of them have no connections to the CÖF, and many more mentioned organisations don’t even exist. Those which actually do exist, tend to be state-funded, since the president of CÖF, László Csizmadia chairs the state-run National Cooperation Fund as well, which is responsible for distributing state subsidies for nonprofit organisations. Under Csizmadia’s chairmanship, government-leaning nonprofit organisations gained more state subsidies than the ones which are most respected in their profession with their work, competence and sometimes criticism.

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