Sinai Bedouins deny responsibility for attack against peacekeepers

Al-Qaeda affiliated Bedouin jihadists attacked North-Sinai El-Gora MFO peacekeeper base in Egypt, media reported in September. Four MFO officers were injured during the fights before they successfully threw back the attackers with Egyptian military intervention. According to international media the attack was possibly motivated by the anger at anti-Islam film ’Innocence of the Muslims’, but we found out a different explanation. Although Hungarian soldiers are highly-represented in the area our reporter was unable to get in touch with them or arrange a visit in the camp. Despite the dismissal from the security forces we met Sheikh Mohamad Hussein leader of the biggest local Bedouin tribe in Al-Arish who informed us that they have no responsibility in the attack. Although he lifted up his voice against the constant accusation of Bedouins for terrorist attacks he admitted their role in arms trafficking through the Gaza border. We’ve also met Sheikh Hassan near El Gora which is located further away from the latest security checkpoint and with full of armed civilians. According to him, terrorist group Takfir wal-Hijra (Excommunication and Exodus) which aims to establish an Islamic caliphate and keeps Bedouins under threat is responsible for the September attack. “I could say names, but tomorrow I’d be dead”, Hassan says while he points his finger to Mount Halal, were he thinks Takfir wal-Hijra members live. He said the Mohamed-movie was only a stall for their attack which is one in the list of many others against policemen, soldiers and peacekeepers.

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