Oligarchopedia: Lajos Simicska

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and Fidesz’s mastermind, tax authority leader of the first Orban-regime Lajos Simicska went to the same school from 1976 to 1979. Their friendship continued in a shared dorm during the college years. Being the number one financial expert of Fidesz made Simicska a leader of the Tax and Financial Control Administration between 1998 and 2002, and the same office is currently led by his ex-employee Ildikó Vida. After losing the 2002 elections, Simicska built up his wide-spread business interest network from owning government’s mostly favoured construction giant Közgép to media companies supported by state procurements. Simicska did not appear in the media since 2002, has never been mentioned on the list of the wealthiest Hungarians, but seems to be a key person in the last years’ state capture processes.

Oligarchorank: 4,7

– wealth: 5

– political impact: 5

– media impact: 4

Sign: Viktor Orbán

Best quote: ’I’ll take care of you!’

Best oligarch friend: Zsolt Nyerges

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