Identity of kuruc.info’s owner revealed

A six-years-long story ended up when American domain registrator company Domains by Proxy, which provides anonymity to its customers revealed the identity of the owner of the kuruc.info domain. Bela Varga, a Hungarian winemaker who moved from Hungary to California after his graduation in 1988 owns the right-wing extremist hate-site. He could successfully hide behind Domains By Proxy for years. Kuruc.info promotes right-wing extremism, hate speech, denies the Holocaust, supports hate crime and publishes its ‘enemies’ personal data. Its anonym authors abused Atlatszo.hu’s editor-in-chief Tamás Bodoky’s home address and placed a fake advertisement in his name on kuruc.info. Bodoky complained to the police, but the police investigation could not pinpoint who is responsible for the website. Domains By Proxy released the real owner’s identity in July, after kuruc.info offered rewards on Jewish activists personal data who demonstrated against László Csatáry, accused war-criminal.

Kuruc.info has been linked to far-right Jobbik party many times which has a strong presence in the Parliament since 2010. Publishing personal data cannot be covered by the First Amendment of the American Constitution which may caused the hosting company’s action. Athena Institute’s 2010 investigation has shown that Varga is the possible beneficiary of the advertisements appearing on kuruc.info. Varga, who worked for Chateau Sovereign, Claar Cellars and has been retired from the Callaway winery does not care much about his cover: he is active on Facebook as well.

Bela Varga’s domain record is here.