Football fraud case connected to ex-secret agents’ businesses

The football fraud case which is before the criminal court of Kecskemét we’ve been reporting about seem to be related to ex-secret  agents’ businesses through Istvan Kerekes, one defendant of the case. Kerekes has been accused of having the opportunity to use his high level relations to socialist politicians such as György Szilvásy in the football fraud case. Kerekes used to be related to the oil cases in the ’90s through his role in Energol Zrt and had some interests in companies that were ran by former secret services agents and dealt with airport security issues. Kerekes’ former partners, László Püski and Zoltán Pácsonyi are named in the press within former secretary Szilvásy’s so-called spy case too. Püski’s name also appears in the oil case’s files. Pácsonyi and Püski were related to Barnabás Ardai and László Hagymási through their ASSM Kft which dealt with airport security in the 2000’s but held several connections with Eclipse Zrt.

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