We published Educatio Nkft’s contract for the 2011 census

Although the Hungarian Government claimed their will to start the data processing of the paper forms of last year’s census until 15 March, the deadline is postponed to 15 May. The reason for the delay is a governmental intervention in the public procurement process. Originally, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Központi Statisztikai Hivatal – KSH) was responsible for the public procurement process of data processing, but the governmental decree for 2.5 billion forints budget had been repealed after one month from the annunciation. In November, András Levente Gál, former secretary of state at the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice announced that  Educatio Nkft, which is controlled by the Ministry of National Development will be responsible for choosing companies for data processing, instead of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. The contract between KSH and Educatio was signed on 15 December 2011, but the Arbitration Board of the Public Procurement Authority attacked some of the decisions that Educatio has made after December. Data processing was due to begin on 15 March 2012, but according to the new governmental decree, the date is now 15 May. Atlatszo.hu requested the 1.5 billion forint contract between the two state-run companies. After Educatio refused to obtain it to us, KSH was able to do so.