Gyula Budai hits and misses

Atlatszo.hu concluded that former allegiations stating that the irresponsible actions of the Hungarian Socialist Party – the main force behind former governments – regarding Malév bankruptcy may lead to severe financial damage to the state might not be justified by claimed evidence. Gyula Budai, accountability commissioner – whose job seems to revolve around exposing corruption by former governments – in early February stated at a press conference that a 2007 contract between the state and Budapest Airport Zrt., the privately owned operator of the airport might be a basis for a 1000 billion HUF demand against the state in case the Hungarian airlines company filed for bankruptcy, which had already happened. As evidence Budai showed a page of the then unpublished contract, but none of the journalists present were allowed to examine it more closely. Since then, the contract has been released. Atlatszo.hu couldn’t find such clauses in the contract, instead found a page looking exactly like the one Budai was referring to. Problem is, on that page the redemption is offered in case the airport operator – and not Malév – went bankrupt.