We leaked secret documents of public procurement

Atlatszo.hu has been threatened with a criminal procedure  if we do not remove documents we published about a debated public procurement of trams in the town of Miskolc, North East Hungary. The notary public of Miskolc claims that atlatszo.hu broke the law by publishing documents which were classified as „not public” by the local government. As one of Hungary’s major news sites, origo.hu reported last week the town had already announced four public procurement tenders for the purchase of trams and Miskolc now risks losing a more than a 38 billion HuF (more than 100 million euros)  support from the EU. The result of the most recent tender was questioned again by one of the contestants, while local government kept decision making process secret. We decided to publish leaked material because one of atlatszo.hu’s missions is to inform the public about decision making procedures and about how public money is spent.