Budapest Police damaged atlatszo.hu’s equipment

As we reported earlier, police seized a hard disk at the appartment of Tamás Bodoky, editor-in-chief of atlatszo.hu in July, after our article about a hacker attack at Brokernet.  The legal ground of that was the paragraph (3) Article 6 of the Act CIV of 2010 on the fundamental rules of the freedom of the press and media contents that states “in exceptionally justified cases, courts or authorities may – in the interest of protecting national security and public order or uncovering or preventing criminal acts – require the media content provider to reveal the identity of the informant.”

Atlatszo.hu has a clear approach: our sources will not be revealed. Atlatszo.hu got back its encrypted hard disk after 3,5 month, but it is seriously damaged. Therefore we ask our readers to donate to replace it, and we decided to change the donation rules. We lift the level of anonymous donations from 10.000 HUF/year (33 euro/year) to 50.000 HUF/year (167 euro/year).  Until now we published the names of below the level donors and they were marked as anonymous only if they explicitly asked. From now on we treat them as anonym donors and publish their names only if they express their will to be named.

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