Anticorruption Unit investigates demonstrating firefighters

Trade unions of Hungarian police, firefighters, soldiers and customs officers protested in Budapest in April 2011 because of the changing pension rules. Some protesters opened fire hydrants and the Anticorruption Unit of Budapest Police launched investigation against them. They identified 8 protesters, one of them, Ferenc Fegyverneki told his story to atlatszo.hu. The police forwarded the accusation against him to prosecution, just because he gave „psychological assistance” for others to open the fire hydrants. In his opinion this procedure is just about to intimidate the participants of demonstrations.

The extremely profound investigation of the police resulted in a several hundred pages document, including cell information of mobile operators. The value of the damage in this case was altogether 27.500 HUF (ca 92 euro), including the expert fee of Waterworks of Budapest (21.000 HUF, ca 70 euro). We have no information about the costs of the investigation.

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