We request disclosure of the contract to purchase the television headquarters

According to news reports, the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), which exercises all ownership rights and obligations associated with public service media assets, has signed a contract or letter of intent to purchase the recently built headquarters of the state owned Hungarian Television.

Currently, Hungarian Television is leasing the building complex used as its headquarters. The terms of the lease were published on the website of the Hungarian Television Foundation (1, 2), and the Auditor General found the lease to be economically unfavourable for taxpayers.

In these circumstances, we would like to know the terms of the contract and/or letter of intent and the details of the analysis of profitability of the transaction. Consequently, we sent a Freedom of Information request to the CEO of MTVA. We wonder whether the terms of the contract and/or letter of intent address the issues raised by the Auditor General.

You can download our Freedom of Information Request here (Hungarian, PDF)